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Natalie Thomas; An interview with a GB triathlete

BIO • Name: Natalie Thomas • Age: 27 • Home location: Tidworth • Sport: Triathlon • Profession background: Not very exciting-cleaning and now the serving side of catering • Years in your chosen sport: 2.5 • Other Sports participated in: Previously Modern Pentathlon (swim, run, shoot, fence and horse riding) and an offshoot of that Biathle (run, swim, run) What got you started? A friend I met through Biathle kept trying to convert me to Triathlon and eventually I decided to give it a try and it’s the best decision... Read More


Sam Ross Competing in the Battle of the Paddle.

Hey Dude Sponsors Paddle Boarding athlete Sam Ross, who recently hauled over to Salt Creek Beach, California to compete in the 7th Annual Battle of the Paddle (BOP). Sam Ross was competing on a 14′ inflatable Red Paddle Co Elite Board. This sets him apart from the other racers because he’s opted for a fully inflatable board over the full carbon boards that the majority favor. Using an inflatable board means, that Sam can fold it up and not have to pay for excess baggage when traveling to exotic places... Read More

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Zara Davis, Windsurfing legend.

Zara Davis is a British Speed windsurfing world record holder, who has collaborated with the Bloodhound Project; owners of the 1000mph car, to make an educational video on the subject of aerodynamics for schools. Zara can be seen wearing her Farty Slip on canvas shoes in the grey shade of Ferro throughout the video, before she steps into the water to show people how it’s done. Zara, has been windsurfing since she was 13 and started competing in the slalom at a British national level, before finding her need for... Read More

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Natalie Thomas, The Triathelete with Happy Feet.

Natalie Thomas is a Team GB Triathlete and Biathlete, so as you can imagine; taking care of her feet are highly important for her best interest. For those of you who don’t follow the sport: Triathlons are a multi-stage competitions, usually split into age groups and consisting of Swimming/cycling/running for an excessive length of time depending on what level you are competing at. Triathletes are masters of endurance and fitness. Dutathlons are competitions based on the same principles but with running/swimming/running instead of cycling, but still very demanding.. we imagine... Read More


Dude Autumn/Winter ’14 Collection is here!

With the Summer drawing to a close, we don’t look back with sadness we look forward with excitement, to the new Dude Autumn Winter collection ’14. There’s plenty of styles that will make you happy to trade in the beach canvas slip ons and slip into some awesome new fur lined product, that maintains the lightweight comfort you demand from your Summer Dude Shoes. Men can expect the return of the Suede Torino in the coming season in an array of colours. The Fume and Navy Torino have been fur... Read More


Fit to Ride – Post sports recovery shoes

Our friends at Fit To Ride have written a great little article about the Farty Post sports recovery shoes, flying off the shelves due to the popular demand from athletes requiring mercy for their hard working feet post sport of choice, in this case; cycling. We have tried to bring these to your attention a lot, because we can’t express enough how comfortable they really are: It’s all about the details that allow our post sports recovery shoes to provide the comfort and relaxation that your feet deserve, to allow... Read More


Ben Proffitt competing in the BWA Windsurfing Competition.

Ben Proffitt, Wind surfing extraordinaire competed in the British Wavesailing Association (BWA) 2014 competition, in the pros fleet. The competition consists of 4 events spread throughout the year, with events in Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England. Proffitt, has been windsurfing since the tender age of 9 years old, and is now pro and sponsored by:  Simmer Style (Boards, Sails and pretty much everything windsurfing) O’shea Clothing and Funsport. Onshore, Ben collects his award for 1st place after a spectacular show of talent at the Irish leg of the competition, as... Read More