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Built To E-last – Ladies First!

Have you been wondering what this glorious hype around our shiny new E-last collection is all about? The perfect sunshine shoes. As there are so many styles we have decided to break it down for you. Ofcorse the only way to really appreciate their beauty and marvel at their comfort is to get a pair on your feet… E-last Simple We’re really excited to share the E-last Simple Slip On Pump. Available in a variety of astonishing colour ways, such as the future classic coral, black, canvas black, jeans, beige... Read More


Elaine Garvican; Veterinarian and Triathlete!

Name: Elaine Age: 35 Home location: Herts Sport: Triathlon Profession background: Veterinary Surgeon Years in your chosen sport: 5 Other Sports participated in: Running, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Snowboarding   What got you started? I wanted a small break from purely running – but then I got hooked on triathlon! What other sport would you like to compete in if you were not playing yours? Pure running or cycling probably. Or something completely different, like horse riding and climbing. What is satisfying about your sport? The need to work hard all... Read More


Jay Manning, SUP Pioneer takes the Dude test!

BIO Name: Jay Manning AKA JSUP Age: 42 Home location: Kent Sport: Standup Paddle-boarding (SUP) Profession background: Pro uk paddleboard Years in your chosen sport: 8 years Other Sports participated in: Windsurf, Land paddle, bike. What got you started? Being one first pioneers of UK SUP crossing over from the Windsurf days What other sport would you like to compete in if you were not playing yours? Rally car driver What is satisfying about your sport? Relaxing, it’s fun, exploring and meeting great people and at same time building your fitness What... Read More


Callie Halliday Canoe Sprinter

BIO Name: Callie Halliday Age: 21 Home location: Malvern Sport: Canoe sprint Profession background: P.E Years in your chosen sport: In canoeing 9 years in sprint 12 months Other Sports participated in: Hockey and swimming What got you started: It was actually my school, I joined any sports clubs which might have meant that I could miss either math English or science. What other sport would you like to compete in if you were not playing yours? Probably surfing, I think it has a similar lifestyle to canoeing which I... Read More


Adam Bardsley – Triathlete put to the Hey Dude test!

Name: Adam Bardsley Age: 45 Home location: Poole, Dorset Sport: Triathlon Profession background: MD software company Years in your chosen sport: 8 Other Sports participated in: Nothing spectacular. Played football to a reasonable standard in my formative years. What got you Started? Someone called me a derogatory term at work when I declined the offer of entering the local 10k…I obviously signed up.  It all went downhill rather quickly from there.What other sport would you like to compete in if you were not playing yours? Mmmm…never really thought about that. ... Read More


Spring, Where have you been buddy?!

We’re ready to shake off the frost bite and lose the knitwear- we’re unleashing our biggest ever Spring/Summer collection for 2015; bringing the sunshine to you! Men’s Slip On Styles The Wally is style is a great men’s style as it is the perfect combo of smart and casual. You can wear it to the pub, office or just as easily throw on with a pair of shorts down the beach. We have some exciting patterns and fabrics to share with you this Spring/Summer. Wally Funk – It’s in the... Read More

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Ben Proffitt; An interview with Windsurfer extraordinairre

 BIO Name: Ben Proffitt Age: 37 Home location:  Shrewsbury Sport: Windsurfing Profession background: Errr..  Windsurfing Professionally since I left college Years in your chosen sport: 28!! Other Sports participated in: Mountain biking, golf, surfing What got you started? My dad..  he used to compete on motorbikes but after trouble with his back went over to Windsurfing.. The family home is no where near any water so we used to have a caravan at a lake (Bala) about 1hr 1/4 away and go every weekend What has been one of your... Read More