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Jay Manning’s Aloha City SUP

Hey Dude Shoes’ recently supported brand ambassador and stand-up-paddle-boarder activist – Jay Manning – with the run up to his Aloha City SUP event through Canterbury City. Every year, Jay never fails to host a very popular Christmas Santa SUP event where everyone dresses up as turkeys, Santas & christmas puddings to swan through the waters of Cambridge! The event brings fellow paddle boarders (and news crew) from far and wide to come together and have a laugh. This year, Jay hosted a summer SUP event that lit up the... Read More


Brand Ambassador And Wind Surfer: Sarah Jackson

Name: Sarah Jackson Age: 20 Home Town: Knutsford, Cheshire Sport: Windsurfing Profession and educational background: Currently studying BSc Sports Performance at University of Bath which I juggle with being a professional windsurfer Years in current sport: 13 How did you become interested in your sport of choice? Unlike most windsurfers I don’t windsurf because my parents do – I have actually taught the rest of my family to windsurf! I first tried it when I was on holiday in Minorca when I was 7 and was hooked from the start.... Read More


Brand Ambassador And Rock Climber: Keiha Dhruev

Name: Keiha Age: 24 Home town:  Exeter Sport: Rock climbing Profession and educational background: Climbing instructor and coach – also have a maths degree because I’m a massive nerd. Years in current sport: 10(ish) years How did you become interested in your sport of choice? I had a couple of fleeting encounters with climbing when I was very young; however the addiction did not bite until a climbing wall was built at my school and an inspirational teacher encouraged me to peruse the sport. Before this I had done Taekwondo... Read More


Brand Ambassador And Cyclist: Rob Webb

      Name: Rob Webb Age: 28 Home Town: Poole Dorset Sport: Mountain biking Profession and educational background: Cycle mechanic for 10 plus years – school was a long time ago! Years in current sport: 14         What have been your biggest achievements to date this year? Still real early into the year but I’m a big people person and meeting a ton of new people and riding with them is always a big achievement to me. If you had to give your past self advice... Read More


Weymouth Speed Week 2017

Here at Hey Dude, we’re proud to give our support to Weymouth Speed Week, the world’s oldest speed sailing event. Held annually in the iconic Portland Harbour, the third largest man-made harbour in the world and host to sailing events in the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, WSW attracts over 100+ hopeful sailors from across the globe hoping for top speeds to win titles and break records. The event sees competitors of all abilities take to the wind-powered craft of their choice to try and achieve the best speeds possible... Read More


Brand Ambassador: Corky Kirkham

  What sparked your interest in windsurfing? I was on holiday my folks in Spain. My father bought a board and I tried it and got it going straight away! When did you know that you wanted to compete in windsurfing on a semi-professional/professional level? Once I returned home to Newcastle, I started sailing on a local lake and progressed to short boards and started to improve. It was when I started in the sea I recieved some help from a local sail company with repairs etc. and that was... Read More


Brand Ambassador: Colin Dixon

Name: Colin Dixon Age: 35 Home Town: South Coast Sport: Windsurfing Profession and educational background: Pro Windsurfer, Pro Coach Years in current sport: 25 years   How did you become interested in your sport of choice? My dad had a board in the shed for years from the 80’s and I begged him to take me. When I was finally strong enough to lift the sail he took me. After a few holidays, I was hooked. Did you struggle with it upon your first attempt or were you a natural?... Read More