How To: Tighten Your Hey Dude Laces

Let’s face it – life is too short to be spent tying up laces. There are better things to be doing!

When it comes to the Men’s Wally, Paul, Jack and Walsh & Women’s Wendy and Polly, customers love the fact that they don’t need to be tying laces everyday. The easy-on lace fit allows for you to slip them on whilst being the perfect fit, so no laces to worry about.

Those with slender feet or those who want a snug-fit may come against the question – how do I make my Hey Dude Shoes tighter? Some have tried to tie a bow or even wrap the lace in and out of the eyelets to tighten their shoes – no! – we’ve seen it all! So we’ve got your back – we’re here to help.

For both Men’s Easy On Lace Fit and Women’s Easy On Lace Fit, you simply need to tighten the knots on both sides of the shoe. Our easy to follow video below demonstrates that you can tighten your laces in seconds. No more weaving your laces in fancy patterns or tying bows!

Untie the knots on either side of the shoe, pull the lace to the desired tension and tie a knot to prevent the lace to loosen. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

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