Recycled Leather

The Hey Dude brand strives to become a more sustainable company, to create shoes that aren’t simply comfortable and look funky, but that have environmental benefits making you feel even better wearing them. Creating a recycled leather shoe has allowed us to expand our range of eco-shoes.

Hey Dude’s brand-new Wally Recycled Leather (available in Coffee, Grey and Carbon) is made from pieces of hide that would otherwise be discarded during the leather-making process, making each piece of fabric usable, creating less waste that would’ve otherwise been thrown away.

How do we make it? We pulp scraps of leather and combine them with fabric before fusing everything into a single material. Finally, the material is placed on a roll for cutting, which improves efficiency (and creates less waste!) This technique uses roughly 90% less water than traditional full-grain leather and has a smaller carbon footprint than conventional leather manufacturing.

This is just one way we’re doing our part to become a more sustainable brand, benefiting both you and the planet. This style also features our cork insole – same unbeatable comfort as a leather insole, but suitable for vegans and veggies.

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