Shoe Recycle Scheme: 6 Year Anniversary

It’s a big year for us at Hey Dude Shoes – that’s right, we’re celebrating 6 years of recycling your shoes! Our pioneering ethos and forward thinking are helping to create real change, one step at a time.

Not only do we recycle your shoes, but feel good knowing that you’re buying from a brand who wants to be as sustainable as possible and give back as much as we can. Having begun with recycling shoes, we also use 100% recycled shoe boxes to package the shoes. Throughout our range of shoes and apparel we include a range of recycled PET fibers to create a super soft recycled knit fabric. Not only do we use recycled fibers but we also use organic cottons in our natural collection, along with shirts that have eco-friendly coconut buttons – beat that!

If you find that you wear your Dudes, year in year out, wash after wash and they’ve received a lot of wear over time, we know you’ll want to treat yourself to brand new Dudes. We know you love your trusty Dudes, so why not trade them in to be recycled and enjoy the perks. So if you’re in need of Dude Shoes recycling, you know where to send them.

Feel good knowing your Dudes have been received and sent off to be treated and recyled, or given to charity depending on their condition. Throw them away and they’ll sit in a landfill for years and years slowly trying to decompose. And why pay full price for your next pair of Dudes when you know you can get money off? Didn’t we say? As a thank you for sending your shoes back to be recycled, we’ll send you a 20% discount code to use on your next order. We’re telling you now, do us all a favour and rummage through your wardrobes and have a good clean out. Treat yourself to a new pair, knowing you’ll even save a few pennies. You will be a fundamental part in the reduction of waste by passing them on to a charitable cause or by turning these old shoes into potentially useful material for the future.

So what happens to your old shoes we hear you ask? Each shoe received gets stripped down into their basic components. The canvas/leather/suede goes back into making more shoes. The rubber is broken down for reuse for a variety of products from children’s play flooring to carpet underlay. The processes helps create a closed loop for recycling all parts of our shoes.

How do you get involved? Find out more on our Shoe Recycle Page.

Feel better for it? Awesome

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