HEYDUDE, Saving Our Planet One Step At A Time

What measures do you take to become a sustainable business to protect our planet one step at a time?

Take baby steps and make small changes which will soon form a bigger impact over time. Here at HEYDUDE we look at ways to become a more sustainable business, to eliminate excess waste that will negatively impact our planet.

The natural range offers three different styles, made from natural, ethically-sourced raw materials. From hemp laces and organic cotton stitching, to the unique recycled rubber insole, the natural collection gives you the Farty Natural, Wally Natural and the Conrad Natural.

And did you know that the the natural styles don’t contain animal-derived products? That’s right, from the upper to the insole, these styles are vegan-friendly shoes!

Exclusively available to the natural range, you can refresh your feet with the innovative Coco Soul insole from HEYDUDE! Suitable for vegans and veggies, these cork-lined insoles help combat odour and absorb moisture when wearing with or without socks. The memory foam cushion is made from recycled rubber and HEYDUDE’s EVA technology to support your feet with every step. Find comfort while making a difference with our organic, vegan-friendly range.

– Doesn’t contain animal derived products

– Organic, ethically sourced cotton

– Cork lined insole to absorb moisture to reduce odour

– Recycled rubber, memory foam cushioned insole

If like many of us, you wear your shoes to death year after year, wash after wash and they’re beginning to come to the end of their tether, never fear!

Here’s the deal; send us back your worn (or unwanted) pair of HEYDUDE shoes and we’ll recycle those shoes and in return, you’ll receive a 20% discount code to use on a brand new pair to love and cherish like the canvas shoe that came before them!

Not only is this a great opportunity for you as you get money off a new pair of HEYDUDE’s but we will recycle the shoes or give them to Charity depending on their condition. It is a far better option than throwing away the shoes, paying full price for a replacement pair and filling the land fill sites! You will be a fundamental part in the reduction of waste by passing them on to a charitable cause or by turning these old shoes into potentially useful material for the future.

Coupled with ERC, they provide the service to Rewear-Reuse-Recycle. We supply those in need with suitable footwear to allow them to have a better life. What happens to the shoes that cannot be reused? They’re all stripped down into their basic components. The canvas/leather/suede goes back into making more shoes or products. The rubber is broken down for reuse for a variety of products from children’s play flooring to carpet underlay. The processes helps create a closed loop for recycling all parts of our shoes

Now doesn’t that feel good?! Find out more on our Shoe Recycle page.

HEYDUDE is proudly taking action to address the plastic epidemic in our oceans through the creation of the Eco-Knit collection, which includes shoes constructed from recovered plastic from our oceans. As a brand, it is important for us to constantly find ways to not only educate people on issues affecting people and the environment, but to also take action. The global awareness for this plastic epidemic in our oceans has grown tremendously. While staggering information on the amounts of plastic and how it is destroying wildlife have continued to pour in, HEYDUDE felt the need to do our part any way possible.

Our eco-friendly shoes are constructed from collected plastic from the ocean that is melted down to create a material known as polyethylene terephthalate (PET fibres). These recycled PET fibres are strong and lightweight allowing us to provide an environment changing product, while keeping our signature comfortable shoes. The Levante Knit, Wendy Knit and Wally Knit come together to create our Eco-Knit collection which is a promise to our consumers that we’ll make our best efforts to create change, while continuing to focus on adding new styles to this line-up.

HEYDUDE has combined the essence of its style, quality and comfort to launch it’s first Spring/Summer range of kick about apparel for men.

Within this range, we have been sure to make polos and shirts with eco-friendly coconut buttons, in the continued effort to reduce our use of plastic, no matter how small.

When placing an order for a pair of HEYDUDE’s (or multiple pairs!) you can be rest assured that we’ve done all we can to ensure the cardboard boxes containing your shoes are made from 100% recycled paper. Even the organic Jax flip flops have been packaged in a biodegradable cornstarch bags to not only reduce our use of plastic, but to encourage our customers to help clean up their local surrounding environment. When shipping the Jax flip flops with the new cornstarch polybag, it also creates a cheaper option for consumers to receive our shoes without excess weight and waste.

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