Men’s & Women’s Post Sport Recovery Footwear

Engineered for all types of summer adventures, the Airflow Activewear Range is designed to create optimum ventilation, maxmising the airflow in all conditions. Combing quick dry insoles with vented soles to allow a comfortable foot climate after strenuous physical activity in any climate.

The satisfaction of enjoying your favorite coffee at your local cafe and a dip in the ocean without ever taking off your most comfortable pair of shoes, the Mistral for men and women (now available in 7 exciting colours for her and 6 colours for him) is a stylish sneaker to wear in any environment. Though engineered for all types of adventure, the Mistral is most notably known for its love affair with water. Featuring a soak-away sole unit with added grip inserts for secure footing combined with a quick-dry mesh upper giving enhanced aeration and breathability. A lightweight, quick drying, material-lined insole allows the shoe to get wet but maintains internal grip with any water quickly flowing away and out through the soak-away sole. It also allows more air to flow in and around the foot during the height of summer, proven to be popular aqua shoes for any water sport adventures!

Both the insoles and the shoes can be put into a cold machine wash keeping your Mistrals clean and fresh all summer long.

The Wally Sox Airflow (available in Light Grey, Navy and Ink) is a lace-up style which combines the relaxed comfort of the sox stretchy upper with a new vented sole unit designed for optimum ventalitation, maximising the airflow, breathability and comfort in all conditions and whatever the temperature.

A very jeans-appropriate shoe, the Wally is also perfect to wear with shorts. It gives the impression of a narrower shoe but maintains a relaxed wide fit for extra comfort. The shoe has a removeable orthotic insole which features a leather lining, allowing it to be worn barefoot without collecting the bacteria which leads to odour. The insole can also be wiped clean and the shoe put into a cold machine wash, keeping your Wallys fresh, allowing you to wear them summer after summer.

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