Men’s Spring/Summer ’19 Range Has Arrived!

Put your winter shoes into hibernation and get ready for your next adventure with Hey Dude’s new Spring/Summer 2019 range! This season we’re introducing brand new comfortable styles such as the Mikka, Levante and Jax, along with your all time favourites in a brand new range of colours and materials.



The Mikka is a slip-on style loafer with a sleek and soft profile which retains a wide comfort fit. An elastic band under the tongue fits comfortably to the shape of your foot whilst offering a similar silhouette of an espadrille.

The Mikka Sox (available in Ink, Sage and Steel Blue) retains a super stretch upper which will feel as though you’re wearing a sock.

The Mikka Washed (available in Sage, Carbon and Indigo) consists a stone-washed upper making the canvas softer and giving it a relaxed ‘worn’ look which is exaggerated with wear and after washing.

The Mikka Suede (available in Sterling Grey) is the perfect blend of sophisticated materials and ultimate comfort with a luxurious unlined suede upper which has been contoured to closely match the shape of the foot.







Dude Shoes has created the Levenate Knit collection (available in Jet Black, Steel and Army) using 100% recycled fibre from plastic water bottles. Recycled fibres are soft and maintain a durability that you can count on in a shoe. The recycled upper from Dude Shoes has created an innovative knitted upper for a light and airy but form-fitting feel. With neoprene lining and fold-flat rubber heel tensions, the Levante has a snug sock-like upper and excellent breathability for lightweight everyday support.






Calling all organic and ethical shoes lovers, the Jax Natural (available in Brown, Beige and Black) benefits from being made with organic cotton and ethically-sourced raw materials for a relaxed, natural look, including a reinforced roughcut edge on the canvas straps for a laid back look. The super soft organic cotton footbed and toe post prevents the stickiness associated with rubber flip-flops in hot weather. The lightweight sole make this the most comfortable fit-flop you will ever wear. Supplied with a biodegradable cornstarch bag.


The Farty is the original, classic style from Hey Dude Shoes as it’s wide fit and superlight sole guarantees this will be the most comfortable shoe you will ever wear. Elastic panels in the heel allow it to sit flat converting the shoe into a kick-on, easy-wear mule.

The Farty Roughcut (available in Night Blue, Chocolate and Forest) turning back to the classic deconstructed finish, with roughcut pinched seams that accelerate the wearing process, giving the shoe a laid back frayed look.

The Farty Natural (now available in Blue. Also available in Tundra and Black) is made with organic cotton and ethically sourced raw materials, featuring rough-cut seaming for a ultra-wide relaxed wide, natural look.

The Farty Funk (available in Navy Lime, Grey Burgundy, Grey Sky, Sage Orange and Dark Grey Red) have brightly-coloured upper accents with a contrasting flecked sole which bring the funk. Make a statement in bold printed men’s canvas beach shoes.

The Farty Washed (now available in Orange, Teal, Red and Steel Blue. Also available in 3 other washed colours) features a stone-washed upper making the canvas softer and gives it a relaxed ‘worn’ look which is exaggerated with wear and after washing.

The Farty Ltd Edition Prints (available in Blue Koi, Black Hibiscus, Grey Tepee (Sox) and Navy Tepee (Sox)) features pinched over-stitch seaming and offers a smartened look coupled with a colourful print upper.




One of Dudes most popular wide fitting styles is now available in various different uppers for your comfort. A very jeans appropriate shoe but also fitting with shorts, it gives the impression of a narrower shoe which maintains Hey Dude Shoe’s wide fit for extra comfort.

The Wally Sox Micro (available in Teal, Steel Blue, Sterling Grey and Total Black) has a super stretchy and soft upper while the Wally Sox has a thicker weave. This style features leading-edge textile technology which bonds two textiles together to increase durability, flexibility and breathability without adding weight.

The Wally Sox (now available in Blue Orange, Jet Black, Beige and Blue Grey. Also available in 4 natural colours) is a tactile shoe, created by using a lined, textured knit fabric and pinched over-stitched seams to create a casual appearance.

The Wally Sox Airflow (available in Light Grey, Ink and Navy) combines the relaxed comfort of the super stretchy sox upper with a new vented sole unit to maintain breathability and comfort whatever the temperature.

The Wally Suede (available in Carbon) includes pinched seams and this style is unlined for maximum breathability.  The Wally Suede is a lace up delivered to you with an elastic lace system with metal toggles to maintain the slip-on character but is also supplied with traditional laces for your choice.

The Wally Natural (now available in Grey, Army, Burgundy and Black. Also available in Navy and Sage) is made with organic cotton and ethically sourced raw materials featuring rough-cut over stitched seaming for a more relaxed, natural look.

The Wally Washed (now available in Teal, Brick and Navy. Also available in 4 other natural colours) features a stone-washed upper making the canvas softer and gives it a relaxed ‘worn’ look which is exaggerated with wear and after washing.

If you’re in need of all the wide-fitting comfort of the Farty shoe but in a backless slip on, the Martin Funk (available in Navy Orange and Grey Burgundy) have coloured linings with a contrasting flecked soles which seriously bring the funk – with a canvas upper, these will be your go-to wide fit summer mules.


A popular amphibious aqua shoe that you won’t want to take off – the Mistral (now available in Camo Army and Camo Grey. Also available in 4 other tonal colours) is a stylish sneaker suitable for any environment. From visiting the seaside and entering the water on your paddle board to setting off on your next Dudeventure, the Mistral features a soak-away sole unit with added grip inserts for secure footing combined with a quick-dry mesh upper. A lightweight material-lined insole allows the shoe to get wet but maintains internal grip with any water quickly flowing away and out through the soak-away sole. All of this and the mesh allows more air to flow around the foot during the height of summer.


The Sava (now available in Dark Grey Red. Also available in 10 other summery coloura) benefits from the much-loved Original oversized Superlight sole unit to give maximum comfort when you just want to take it easy. The memory foam, canvas-lined footbed prevents the stickiness associated with rubber flip-flops in hot weather and can be cleaned up in a cold machine wash making it the ideal men’s beach shoes to take on holiday.

The Sava Sox (available in Blue Red, Blue and Black) has a memory foam, sox-lined footbed making these the most comfortable flip flops you will ever wear.


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