Weymouth Speed Week 2018

At Hey Dude Shoes, we’re proud to continue supporting Weymouth Speed Week, the world’s oldest and longest-running annual speed sailing event, that attracts over 100+ hopeful sailors from across the globe hoping for top speeds to win titles and break records.

Weymouth Speed Week 2018 starts on Saturday 13th October this year at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy and Hey Dude Shoes are continuing to support the event and ambassador, Zara Davis, as she enters into another year.

The event sees competitors of all abilities take to the wind-powered craft of their choice to try and achieve the best speeds possible in the harbour. Due to its unusual geography and proximity to Chesil Bank, Portland Harbour is famous for its flat waters and strong winds which are perfect for gathering the speed needed to smash records.

This year, competitors win not only the coveted titles of fastest in their category and a trophy to proudly display at home, they also win a pair of our amazingly comfy and amphibious Mistral shoes, complete with a mesh upper and soak-away sole whilst still maintaining grip when wet (ideal for any water sport fanatic!).

The Mistral is a stylish sneaker suitable for any environment – from the seaside, on board your floating getaway or for your next urban adventure. It features a soak-away sole unit with added grip inserts for secure footing combined with a quick-dry mesh upper, giving enhanced aeration and breathability. A lightweight, quick drying, material-lined insole allows the shoe to get wet, but maintains internal grip with any water quickly flowing away and out through the soak-away sole.

Last year we saw records being broken and some killer speeds being made. We would like to wish every competitor the best of luck!


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