Refresh, Renew or Recycle?

Here at Dude, we know that helping our customers to get the most out of their shoes can help to reduce landfill waste, lessen our environmental impact and help loyal Dude fans to save money in the long run so take a look at the Dude life cycle to find out how you can extend the life of your favourite shoes!

Can I wash my Hey Dude Shoes? Will my Hey Dude Shoes shrink in the dryer? All of our canvas, textile and E-Last styles are machine washable on a cold, no spin wash (remembering to remove the insoles before washing and use a colour catcher if they’re a bright or dark colour) so can be easily refreshed whenever they start looking a little grubby and worn to keep them looking great for as long as possible. Do not try to put your Dudes in the dryer, simply leave them to dry naturally and they’ll be good to go.

Are you supposed to wear socks with Hey Dude Shoes? In actual fact – no – you don’t. Our shoes have leather-lined insoles allowing you to wear your Dudes barefoot, without attracting bacteria that can lead to odour. If your Dudes have been particularly well-loved (all day, everyday), a new pair of insoles could be just what you need to put an amazingly comfortable spring back in your step. Our memory foam insoles mould to the shape of your foot over time to give our shoes their signature comfort but, with heavy use, the foam gradually compresses which can mean your feet aren’t as cushioned as they once were. Why not treat your Dudes to a new pair of insoles so you can fall in love with your favourite shoes all over again!

Reaching the end of the Dude life cycle is a sad but natural part of every Dudes’ life. When the time comes, say your tearful goodbyes and rest assured that they’re going to a better place – our recycling scheme! By sending your old Dudes back to us for recycling, you’re keeping them out of landfill and reducing their long-term impact on the environment. We understand that this can be an emotional process so, to make things a bit easier, we offer bereaved Dude owners a hefty 20% discount on their next purchase just for taking part in our recycling scheme so a new pair of Hey Dude Shoes can begin their life cycle!

Washing canvas shoes
Replacement insoles

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